About Us...

Reflection Arena is a state of the art equine facility, located in the heart of the United States, thirty minutes south of St. Louis in Festus, Missouri.  Reflection Arena would like to welcome you to our facilities and will provide you with all the help you would need and all the amenities you could possibly ask for.  Our facility and it's staff are yearly operational in Performance Events, Rodeos, Equine Therapy, Clinics, A First Class Horse Hotel, Concerts, and so much more...

Meet The Owner

                      It all started with a vision by Dave Brown to be able to ride his horses year round. With no real solution around the area he set out to fill the void to survive Missouri's temperamental winters. In 2016, he built a equine facility that would not only solve his problem, but wanted to meet the communities needs as well. Once the arena was finished it was opened up to the public where it has flourished as the newest and most elaborate indoor riding facility in Missouri! It continues to grow in the only way Dave knows how; and that’s first class! Not only are the facilities first class but the dirt is kept in exceptional condition meeting the exact criteria of the Kiser Arena Specialists. Providing the best ground possible for our competitors has been critical to our success thus far.  It will always be Dave's main priority in maintaining the facility using Kiser Drag-master, the most trusted Arena Drag in the world, with the massive PTO watering system for dust control. 


              Dave is the hardest working man you will run across, taking care of everything to provide the best for our riders. Like all other facility owners, he works endless hours to provide the very best. 

                   Reflection Arena Event Center hosts different equine events such as barrel racing, cutting, cowboy mounted shooting and other association shows. The 100 x 200 indoor arena is climate controlled to ensure a comfortable atmosphere for competitors. There is also a 100 x 200 covered outdoor arena that can host events or be used as an exercise/ warm up area. Not only are the equine needs met to the fullest with 220 covered stalls available for rent but there are 70 RV hookups on asphalt to ensure you don’t have to ever park in muddy conditions.